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Equine Equipped introduces the industry’s first professionally designed and manufactured toy hauler-to-horse trailer conversion kit. The stable boy horse stall system is made of high-quality, light-weight corrosive resistant aluminum.  The modular design allows for multiple configurations for one or two horses.  When you take out the left stall divider and haul one horse there is enough room to bring along a golf cart, motorcycle, or anything in likeness.  

We recommend a Toy Hauler with a 12 foot garage for the Stable Boy Kit.  The dimensions of the entire kit are 75 inches wide by 115 inches long by 72.75 inches tall.  Each stall opening is 35 inches wide. 

Some Toy Haulers have a loft containing a queen bed which projects out into the garage area. Please make sure the loft does not hang below the critical point of 73” from the floor to the bottom of the loft. Please follow the guided steps to ensure correct measurements for the Diamond plate “Dovetail”. The dovetail is made of ¼” Aluminum, Alloy Type 6061, with the threaded pattern. The Dovetail allows the inclined area of the garage to convert to a level floor. 

Step 1 - Offset / Notch
Measure the distance of any protrusions on the Left wall (SIDE TO SIDE MEASUREMENT) (ex, Window treatments, Tracks, Covers, etc.). A measurement greater than 3" will determine if the Kit will be offset from the left wall. Note: Because the Kit is positioned as close as possible to the left wall of the Toy Hauler an accurate measurement of anything that may interfere with the Stable Boy Kit is important.

Step 2 - Width
Measure the width of the trailer from the inside of the left wall to the inside of the right wall.

Step 3 - Depth of Dovetail
Using a tape measure, straight edge and level -

A.) Measure the distance from the crown of incline from the inside edge of where the door/ramp closes (FRONT TO BACK MEASUREMENT).

B.) If you have a screened in Garage and the track of the screen exceeds 2”X6” (2.00”: SIDE TO SIDE MEASUREMENT and 6.00”: FRONT TO BACK MEASUREMENT), then the measurement will need to be taken from the backside of the screens track. Using the same instructions as above: Measure the distance from the crown of incline from the “backside of the screens track”.

Step 4 - Height of Incline
Using a tape measure and a level - Measure the distance from the start of the incline (inside edge of where the door/ramp closes) to the bottom of the level. This measurement gives an accurate height of the incline and ensures the Dovetail will be level with the garage floor.

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